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and non-ferrous metals

About us

  • Italian leader in the trade of aluminium bars, plates, slabs, tubes and profiles
  • Availability of 13 aluminium alloys in stock
  • We are present in Italy with two service centres
  • Thanks to our wide range of products in stock, we are able to supply the widest range of industrial sectors
  • Cometal also means bronze, brass, copper and cast iron
  • Our cutting service is available on every product
  • Cosmetal's sales network is fast, reliable and always available
Why choose aluminium?

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  • Light
  • Non-magnetic
  • Recyclable
  • Weather-resistant
  • It has good mechanical characteristics (in alloy)
  • It has good formability and plasticity
  • It is suitable for surface treatments
  • It is a good thermal and electrical conductor

Lean production

We are proud to provide you with our experience gained in fifty years of activity offering you a high-quality service.

Offers, orders, preparation and deliveries are managed with the utmost expertise, professionalism and speed to offer you a truly Just-in-Time service.

Our services


Round, square, hexagonal, flat extruded and flat drawn bars
Plates, sheets and slabs
Commercial and custom-designed tubes and profiles


Round, square, flat and perforated bars


Round, square, flat and hexagonal drawn bars
Commercial tubes and profiles
Plates and slabs


Round, square and flat drawn bars
Commercial tubes and profiles
Plates and slabs

Cast iron

Round, square, flat and perforated bars

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Aluminium inside

In 1970, aluminum became part of our lives. To us, this is much more than a job, it is a passion that has been with us for 50 years and that gets bigger and bigger every day.


After 50 years of activity in plants construction, extrusion and distribution, we have acquired a deep knowledge of the product, the market and users’ needs. Trust our sales engineers! They will show you the most suitable product for your application.