Cutting to size

We are able to cut plates up to 600 mm thick, bars up to 550 mm
in diameter and discs up to 2000 mm in diameter using disc and band saws and water jet cutting machines.


Saw machines for plates

  • Three CNC disc saw machines for precision cuts up to 200 mm thick maximum.
  • A band saw machine to cut discs made from a plate with a maximum diameter of 2000 mm and a thickness of 500 mm
  • Two band saw machines to cut cast plates up to 600 mm thick.

Saw machines for bars

  • A high-performance CNC band saw machine for cuts up to a diameter of 550 mm.
  • A band saw machine for cuts up to a diameter of 530 mm.
  • A CNC disc saw machine for precision cuts up to a diameter of 150 mm.
  • Four CNC band saw machines for cuts up to a diameter of 250 mm.

Waterjet cutting

  • Cold cutting that does not deform the material.
  • Good speed of execution and productivity.
  • Effective system even on very high thicknesses.
  • Excellent final quality and precision workmanship.

Automated warehouse

An automated electronic system makes it possible to better manage materials in the warehouse, facilitating storage and speeding up the organisation of the different processes. Quality and speed, to the benefit of the customer.

Finished details

Thanks to our network of partners, we are able to supply finished parts to drawings, with tailor-made operations.
Having custom-made aluminium plates up to a size of 4000×2000 mm is an especially interesting option.





Decorative and/or protective surface treatments